University Services Salons

D&I Salon

Salons date back to ancient Rome and are ways to reclaim and build a sense of community through the practice of sharing information and ideas. Successful salons inspire each person to listen, learn, share and appreciate the personalities, contributions and opinions of others, even if they differ from their own.

The goal is of the University Services Salons is to engage the entire organization (at every level) to learn about important elements of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Each session serves as a way of recovering our ability to talk with one another as opposed to talking at one another. Salons focus on a single topic of identity or cognitive diversity (diversity of thought) and provide an informal space for learning facilitated by a subject matter expert (SME). The SME presents information on a specific D&I subject in a variety of creative and engaging ways as it relates to our roles as service providers. Following each session, University Services team members are invited to participate in the discussion and have the opportunity to ask questions.

All University Services team members are invited and encouraged to participate in Salons, as the sessions provide an opportunity to expand thinking, build community and gain transferable knowledge and skills for the work and personal life.