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Learning and development opportunities within University Services are courses, programs and workshops designed and coordinated by the University Services Office of Talent and Organizational Development. Our Learning and Development is aimed at providing learning opportunities that specifically support: customer service; communication; job performance; employee health, safety and wellness; professional development; personal advancement; organizational effectiveness; team engagement; and diversity, equity and inclusion.

The Office of Talent and Organizational Development is dedicated to increasing access and a sense of belonging within University Services; one of the ways in which this is realized is through the provision of learning and engagement opportunities intentionally designed to that end.

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Verita Murrill and Saleem Curry
Talent & Organizational Development

The Office of Talent and Organizational Development collaborates directly with the Diversity and Inclusion Learning and Development subcommittee (a subsidiary of the Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee) on course offerings, programs and workshops that foster diversity, equity and inclusion.

In order to ensure efficiency and effectiveness, one of the three University Services’ principles, University learning and development opportunities are intentionally designed to complement what is made available to all university staff. 

To view all course offerings available through University Services, please visit the Employee Learning Center (LEARN) and click on Training by Department and then University Services. In order to view a complete list of upcoming opportunities, outside of those offered through University Services, please click All Training in the title menu bar.

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