Exchange Communities

An Exchange Community is an opportunity to remove organizational hierarchy, to share one’s experience with others in University Services, and to engage in meaningful conversations that matter. All members of an Exchange Community acknowledge each other as equals, as well as encourage open expression of thought and experience. To this end, an Exchange Community encourages self-reflection and curiosity. 

Among others, the desired outcome of participation in an Exchange Community is the development of skills and communication that sustains meaningful connections across ability-based, cognitive, cultural, economic, ethnic, gender-based, generational, linguistic, national, personality, sexuality, spiritual, social, racial and work-style differences. There are currently two Exchange Communities, each initiated by and for the team (an integral part of the development and expansion of the program).

Group Shot

Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Exchange Community

Incepted from feedback provided by the team, the first Exchange Community (formerly Conversation Circles) brought together folks from all levels of the organization to engage in constructive conversations about diversity and inclusion. The focus of this Exchange Community is on understanding and appreciating our identity-based and cognitive differences, leveraging the strengths we possess because of those differences, and building community.

Leadership Exchange Community

The Leadership Exchange Community provides participants with an opportunity to examine leadership and management topics with other leaders and managers from all departments within University Services. Participants will be introduced to management tools, leadership models, research and other resources to support their exploration and learning. This Exchange Community will also provide a confidential space to discuss the challenges and cultivate best practices for supervising people.