Employee Climate Survey

The University Services Employee Climate Survey is a voluntary questionnaire distributed to all members of University Services. The 17-item questionnaire is designed to collect information to better understand the experiences of University Services employees and to identify areas where it can be improved. Our success depends on our team members throughout our organization. The survey collects data specifically related to University Services team member experiences and perceptions of Diversity and Inclusion; Communications; Development and Advancement; Job Performance; Tools for Success; Employee Engagement; and Employee Health and Safety. Data is collected through Likert-style scale responses to statements from the seven categories (example below), with open-ended opportunities as well.

Likert-style Response Scale
Example of a statement with a Likert-style response scale from the 2019 survey


The survey is administered every two years. Respondents have the choice to respond by link via email, or by accessing the survey on a University computer. Computer kiosks are made available to those who lack convenient access to computers. The survey is also designed to be mobile-friendly and is offered in English, Spanish, or Creole language. The survey is not an official reporting tool for Princeton University. As a result, the results of the survey are confidential and are not shared beyond the Office of Institutional Research or University Services.


Dissemination of Results

In order to appropriately contextualize the results of the survey, every University Services team member is provided access to them. Moreover, in order to ensure every member of our team has an opportunity to contribute (to our collective/shared understanding of what the results mean), every team member is proved an opportunity to engage in discussion about them the results.

Organization-wide (comprehensive) and departmental-level results are shared with team members according to policies and guidelines developed by the Office of Institutional Research. Below are the dissemination plans for comprehensive and department-level results.


What We Heard You Say

The following includes suggestions from University Services staff and our responses/actions.

For questions or concerns about this survey contact:

Verita Murrill
Director of Talent and Organizational Development, University Services
Email: [email protected] • Phone: 609.258.2676

Saleem Curry
Talent and Organizational Development Specialist, University Services
Email: [email protected] • Phone: 609.258.2621