Engagement Cycle

Once a semester, Ambassadors and Liaisons help University Services to communicate important updates, and engage in discussions, with the entire organization by participating in outreach. This Engagement Cycle is not only the way that University Services ensures full organizational participation in action-planning, but the discussions that occur are integral in how our organization learns.


  1. Gear Up!
    • From feedback loop, VP & Leadership Team with DISC will prioritize important topics for next Outreach and/or Town Hall Meetings
  2. Ambassador Preparation
    • Group Check-in/Updates
    • Content Review
    • Building community as Ambassadors
  3. Outreach Meetings
    • Group Check-in/Updates
    • New Initiatives
    • Employee Survey
    • Other Topics
  4. Ambassador Debrief and Evaluation
    • Review common themes
    • Discuss Ambassador experience
    • Recommend improvements
  5. Priorities and Action Planning
    • VP & TOD Director provide feedback to Leadership Team (LT),  LT provides feedback to Managers, Managers provide feedback to Direct Reports
  6. Organizational Implementation
    • Implementation of new and/or improved initiatives, processes, resources, programs, etc. 
    • Implementation at the department and team levels, as well as organization-wide

Cycle Repeats.