Ambassador-Liaison Program

The overall goal of the Ambassador/Liaison Program is to foster increased and enhanced communication across units within University Services. Other goals include leveraging fresh perspectives in generating new ideas and suggestions for organizational initiatives. Each group is assigned at least two Ambassadors, and at least one Liaison. For a full list of Ambassadors, Liaisons and the groups to which they provide outreach,  please click here.

Group Shot

Ambassadors serve as key communicators through outreach, and promotion and participation in programs that relate to D&I and other organizational initiatives. Ambassadors serve a vital role in support of the University Services Diversity and Inclusion Plan. 

Liaisons serve as a channel of communication between units and their respective University Services Ambassadors; liaisons act as a significant link/conduit between units and Ambassadors. Liaisons serve as an on-site/in-unit representative for the University Services Ambassador/Liaison Program. Similar to Ambassadors, this is a volunteer, non-paying role.

The Ambassador & Liaison program is coordinated by the Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee Ambassador & Liaison Subcommittee.

Julie Whalen - Chair, Ambassador & Liaison Subcommittee
Saleem Curry - Advisor, Ambassador & Liaison Subcommittee
Lindsay Hanson - Archivist, Ambassador & Liaison Subcommittee
Aaron Sked - Coordinator, Ambassador & Liaison Subcommittee
Nicole Mclean - Campus Dining Liaison Lead, Ambassador & Liaison Subcommittee

Please contact Ambassador & Liaison Subcommittee Chair (DISC), Julie Whalen ([email protected]) or Ambassador & Liaison Subcommittee Advisor (DISC), Saleem Curry ([email protected]) if you have questions about the Ambassador & Liaison Program.